If you recall ancient story from history books , you will find that generally before going to any battle field kings are use to equipped themselves in all aspects like full of weapons, large nos. of soldier, elephants, fighter horses & many more essential goods coz they want to win the war . Similarly Now a days looking into the competition world ,preparing for a JEE EXAM is also like a war means it needs 100 % of EFFORTS by means of DEDICATION, INVOLVEMENT, PATIENCE, PROPER GUIDENCE and the main & foremost thing is STUDY MATERIALS & its use.

POLYMATHIAN will blossom here within the stipulated time frame with the best brains, better equipped by means of fully armed & fiercely trained, with proven skills and the perfect temperament of a true champion. We groom and guide to our all student to get their dream & cherished goal. POLYMATH EDUTECH belief that each & every student is having the winning ability ,only lacking is discovery .There are several methods to discover the reality but unfortunately non of the institute have time to face the actual situation coz they don’t want to waste there time by such activities.

POLYMATH EDUTECH is providing a world class time tested study materials, by which n-numbers of students are entering in to IIT’s & NIT’s (materials using all over india by the Giant producers of IITians & NITians), highly focused unique designed intensive training methodology. For the first time in odisha POLYMATH EDUTECH , Bhubaneswar is having a tie up with LEARN PEDIA , HYDERABAD who provides


Veteran faculty responsible for producing hundreds of IITians have designed the content ,adequate practice questions & innumerable tests with video solutions make exam preparation fun & fascinating.


  • Apart from the class room teaching POLYMATH EDUTECH provides pen drive which plays a vital role in preparing for JEE (MAIN & ADVANCE) EXAM.
  • It contains complete Boards & JEE syllabus as e- books
  • Video solution of critical problems
  • National level tests & analysis
  • Apx. 750 sessions of video lectures with rich animations
  • Missed lectures , Untimely doubts ( 24X 7 ), Incomplete Concepts.

So You can name it as an ’’ AMOGH ASTRA’’ for JEE ( MAIN & ADVANCE).

Our mission is to nurture the student with the modern technology, effective training, proper guidance , use full study materials for a successful career. We have a clear vision to provide an ideal launch pad to serious aspirant of IIT & NIT for smooth take up to fulfill their dream. Don’t delay be a member of wining team hurry up…………